running and rolling together

Wallace Park is a very central park, with a children’s playpark, duck pond, cricket club, tennis courts and lots of paths and open space.  While this means it is a really well-used facility, it also means it is busy so you need to be there early to get a car parking space. The toilets are at the opposite side of park (at the children's play park) so you could get a warm up run there and back!  There seem to be 220-240 runners so it is busy run for a relatively compact space.  It is an excellent surface and starts on a very wide path below the bandstand (the Run Director’s brief was done at the bandstand which was appeared to be accessed via steps so we didn’t hear it) so there is room for all the runners to filter out and find their positions in the early stages.  The run involves 3.5 laps and some parts of paths are narrow so can be congested, especially when the front runners begin to lap the rest. The course does involve a reasonably steady climb up one side - which is then repeated 3 times - it isn't easy but you do then get to go down three times.  The compact nature of the park means you always have other runners close to you - good for keeping you going and feeling very much part of the event (though a bit tricky in parts if you are as bad at steering as I am!).  The volunteer support and encouragement is great throughout the park and this is a group that is used to and very welcoming of running joggers at their parkrun.

team kerr