running and rolling together

​victoria park

After a few weeks of very hilly runs, Victoria Parkrun in Belfast offered a much less challenging but thoroughly enjoyable run.  We were a bit later than planned so parking could have been an issue but we got lucky, do give yourself time if you want to park here as it is busy.  Toilets are in the bowling green pavilion beside the carpark and then it is a short warm up walk / run past the play park to the start line.  
Despite the numbers (250-300+) the start was fairly smooth and the wide, well surfaced paths meant it didn't feel particularly congested.  The run consists of three 1 mile laps around the park and it really is flat so easy to push.  There was lots for Ben to see - kids in the park, planes taking off, trains passing by etc. - and all contained within a really pleasant park setting, lovely mature trees, open spaces and lots of ducks on the lake.  The flat nature of this course means it attracts a real mix of runners from those out for a very fast PB through to those out for a run/chat, some walkers, and other people pushing joggers and buggys etc.  It is a welcoming, friendly parkrun with plenty of encouragement from the volunteers around the course and it is definitely to be recommended for someone getting used to running with a jogger or trying it out for the first time.

team kerr