running and rolling together

team kerr

A long drive for us from Banbridge but it was well worth it to experience this really inclusive and very friendly parkrun.  The run takes place around a compact local park (Blackburn Park) which is about 500 yds walk from the Roe Valley Leisure Centre.  Everyone meets at the Leisure Centre and an external door just to the left of the main entrance is open for parkrun users - to leave jackets, nip into the toilets etc. All is on ground level and very accessible.  Scanning is done here after the run and there are also refreshments and super treats.  The group walks together down to the park for the run brief and this is a lovely opportunity to have a few words with the other runners. The course consists of three and a half laps, all on tarmac paths and although not exceptionally wide, they are sufficient.  There is a sharp dog leg at the end of the park as well as a couple of small climbs but these are over quickly and there is a slightly better downhill on each lap.  It is not the most stunning or exciting park but it is an enjoyable run through a small and pleasant green space with enough to hold your interest for the 3 laps.  Numbers are usually around 40-50 and this may mean it is easier to establish and maintain relationships and togetherness compared to some of the much larger runs but I can't say enough about the friendly welcome, encouragement and genuine enthusiasm from the fantastic core team, volunteers and all the other runners.   Ben and I will definitely be back to this one when we are visiting in the area and would recommend it for anyone pushing a running chair or jogger