running and rolling together

team kerr

Some runs, especially those that are through forest cover, are enjoyable even when it is cold and wet, and maybe even in sleet / snow.  This isn’t one of them as we discovered during a really wintry spell during our visit to Enniskillen parkrun!  However, it is welcoming parkrun and the surroundings are lovely so I am sure it is very enjoyable in brighter weather, when you can take in the beauty of Fermanagh.  It is also a fairly flat run so potential to be a fast PB course.


There is plenty of parking at the Lakeland forum and, although it doesn’t officially open until 10am, there was a swimming event on when we visited so the lovely staff allowed us in to use the facilities after our drive.  There are also public toilets in the Bus Station, which is just at the entrance to the Forum car park.   The course starts on the running track in front of the Forum.  Everyone gathers at one end of track and walks together round the track to the start point (which is where the runners brief takes place).  The route involves a lap of the track before moving across to a lovely smooth path, called Castle Basin path. Cones are used to mark the way at this transition point, along with a couple of marshals at key points.  The route follows the path towards the Castle, around a picnic area and back alongside the water behind the Forum, before emerging at the side of the Forum to cross the large, wide pedestrian bridge (gradual climb up and over).  Once onto the tarmac path (fairly rough surface) at the Derrychara playing fields, runners do three clockwise laps, with each lap incorporating one short but tough uphill push, followed by a few kerbs and speed bumps, and a fast downhill charge, before returning up and over the bridge to retrace the route in reverse along the Castle Basin path back round the picnic area and returning to the running track for a final 100m stretch to the finish (at the original meeting point).  In terms of accessibility for a running chair or jogger, there are no major challenges on the course - there is some steering to do as the Castle Basin path meanders a bit, as well as navigating the ramps up and down to the bridge, and the kerbs / speed bumps at the hill end of the playing fields, but none of these should create any significant obstacle.    We were unlucky with the weather but it definitely won’t discourage us from returning another time.