running and rolling together

team kerr


This week’s parkrun was Citypark Craigavon for a lap of the two lakes. Plenty of parking, with toilets at Tannaghmore Farm (near the start) and the changing pavilion carpark (5 min from start). The Lakes provide a beautiful setting for a run - ducks, swans, wildflowers & usually a passing train or two, which Ben loves.  We run here a lot and find it very accessible with a good tarmac path round the lakes. There are a few bumps and potholes, and in really wet weather parts of the course can flood, but it is generally great for a running chair/jogger. 

From the carpark you follow a gravel path to the lakeside path - the run brief is to the left and the start is back a further 20-30yrds along the path.  We tend to start near the back as the buggy is bulky and we don’t want to risk bumping other runners.  However, as this is a popular parkrun, getting through 250+ runners to get to the back is a challenge.  I usually bypass everyone via the grass (not feasible for all) and at the back there’s no obvious separation between runners and walkers so you can get a bit trapped.  Once started, patience will see you through but if you are reasonably fast and happy in the pack then start closer to the front.  The course is steady - an early hill followed by a fast descent, which gets Ben bouncing with excitement, and a couple of other hills, the toughest at about 3km, but all followed with good down hills.  The core team and volunteers are super and everyone is very welcoming and encouraging.  Overall, aside from the start, I really enjoy this run and so does Ben, as it is fast and there is so much to see on the lakes and around the park.