may 2018

our freind gillian very kindly gifted us a photography session, so we met up in lurgan park and were delighted to get some lovely photo's of the three of us that will take pride of place in our home.  gillian is a very talented, professional photographer and we would highly recommend her.

In may 2017 aaron's old running chair from the usa broke again and finally became unsafe to use, and so we thought that our running journey was over.   with little choice of chairs on the market, we knew that the best option for us was to get a bespoke custom built chair.

we were over the moon when we found boyce precision engineering who designed and built aaron's new chair right here in Northern ireland (just 15 miles from our home).  

we absolutely love aaron's new chair as it is perfect for his needs.  since receiving the chair at the end of oct 17, we have completed 21 races, and covered 257 miles incident free.

that beautiful smile says it all!!!

running and rolling together

team kerr

on the early may bank holiday we returned to belfast marathon after having to pull our last year after serious issues with our old running chair.

we were delighted to complete the course this year with aaron's new running chair and it was to be our 31st marathon.