running and rolling together

team kerr

we successfully raised the funds to build aaron a new running chair and were delighted to find a local designer/engineer who agreed to help us with this project.  All being well, we hope to have the new chair ready by the end of august.

we were very proud to watch our daughter holly take part in her first 10k.  she compeleted our local run in lisburn and it was great to see her coming over the line. next stop...........marathon!!!!!!!

we were contacted by the sunday world after they heard about aaron's runing chair breaking, and that we were unable to get a refund from the manufacturer.  They ran an article to support us and help us to raise funds/awareness for the chair build.

we were contacted by the organisers of the kildare thoroughbred marathon who wanted to offer their help with funds towards aaron's new running chair.  They did this by selling a team kerr marathon ticket and all proceeds from this ticket to go towards the chair.  We traveled down on the day, which also happened to be fathers day, and took part in the 5k event, pushing aaron in his day chair and were delighted to receive an amazing 1000 Euro towards the chair build.   we are already looking forward to returning next year to take on the marathon.

june 2017