running and rolling together

team kerr

JULY 2018

running blind choose to support team kerr/aaron's army through their event at stormont this year, and we were delighted and honoured to feature on the medal.

to earn our medal (as we weren't running on the day) we asked our friend and organiser of running blind, (Tony barclay) if he would like to do to a few laps of victoria park, belfast with us.  this was a first for all of us as tony pushed aaron all the way, while we guided from the side. inclusion at it's finest!!

July is always a big month in team kerr hq but this year was especially big as aaron was celebrating his 21st birthday.

the day before his birthday we arranged a special treat and went surfing at benone beach with equipment supplied by the mae murray foundation.  Aaron had a ball and just loved every minute of it.